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   Splitter 1:2 for splitting 1-Wire interface. It has two RJ11 (6P4C) connectors and 1..
9,69 CHF
H.T : 9,00 CHF
Antenna Cable with N-male N-male, 2m ..
16,16 CHF
H.T : 15,00 CHF
TMU is a simple thermometer with a USB interface. The thermometer uses the USB interface for comm..
137,86 CHF
H.T : 128,00 CHF
Assembled router with D15G2 LTE modem - for outside installation: MikroTik RB912G ATHEROS 400..
430,80 CHF
H.T : 400,00 CHF
Specs for Intel X520-DA1 (oem-refurbished) Host Interface: PCI Express Interfaces/Po..
215,40 CHF 149,70 CHF
H.T : 139,00 CHF
Assembled router with Huawei LTE modem - for outside installation: MikroTik RB922 ATHEROS 720..
624,66 CHF
H.T : 580,00 CHF
The RB711 is a small CPE type RouterBOARD wireless router with an integrated 5GHz 802.11a/n wi..

Passive POE (Power Over Ethernet) adapter, uses unused pairs of 100baseT network cable to transmi..
4,31 CHF
H.T : 4,00 CHF
High power 24V 1.6A power supply + power plug. Recommended for long cable runs with several ..
21,54 CHF
H.T : 20,00 CHF
The tiptel KM 38 expands the IP phones tiptel 284, tiptel IP 286 and tiptel IP 386 by additionall..

The N150USM is a nano Wireless N USB Adapter which complies with IEEE 802.11n/b/g standard with t..
16,16 CHF
H.T : 15,00 CHF
5GHz Single Band 802.11n MIMO 2X2 miniPCI WLM200N5-23-ESD MiniPCI wireless network adapt..
53,85 CHF
H.T : 50,00 CHF
Pigtail - mmcx -> rpsma - 12cm ..
8,62 CHF
H.T : 8,00 CHF
S+31DLC10D S+31DLC10D is a 10G SFP+ transceiver with a LC connector, 1310nm, for..
236,94 CHF
H.T : 220,00 CHF
The mAP is a tiny size wireless 2.4GHz Access Point with full RouterOS capabilities. It is very p..
66,77 CHF
H.T : 62,00 CHF
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