RF Universal EasyBracket 2

Fabricant : RF Elements
Modèle : RFeasy2
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Prix : 12,92 CHF
H.T : 12,00 CHF

Universal Mounting Bracket v2

Need a Mounting Bracket? Easy…
EasyBracket™ is versatile mounting bracket made of ABS plastic. EasyBracket™ is the right solution to most problems that occur when using steel mounting brackets.
EasyBracket™ allows safe and fast installation of compact wireless CPEs, antennas, cameras and other devices on wall or pole. Check the most important features:

Light Weight

Because EasyBracket is made of UV stabilized resistant ABS plastic, it is very light. Low weight not only decreases overall mast load, but it is source of significant savings on your shipping costs, and savings of shipping costs that your customers have to pay. EasyBracket comes packed in retail plastic bag package, parts are folded into very compact shape. With one carton /50 pcs/ of EasyBrackets, you transport only 20% of weight/volume when compared to conventional mounting brackets made of galvanized steel. 
You save hundreds of dollars on the shipping fees.

Installation on Insulated Walls

Because of its light weight and increased contact area, EasyBracket is suitable to be used on insulated walls. Insulation is global trend in energy saving, and more and more customers need to solve the problem with installation of the devices on insulated walls. With EasyBracket, the possibility to damage the surface is significantly lower than with conventional steel brackets. Light grey color of the EasyBracket is decent and unobtrusive to most viewers.

No Body Corrosion

Rust is not only making the material weaker, it also looks unpleasant. Brackets made of galvanized steel are often poorly galvanized on their inner surfaces. Water, oxygen and gravitation do their job very well - results include not only corroded bracket, but also ugly rusty spots on the wall or mast. This is not the case with EasyBracket, where is no body corrosion possible. EasyBracket is made of UV stabilized ABS plastic.

Mountable on Wall or Pole

EasyBracket Universal allows to be turned in 16 steps /each 22.5°/, so it can be mounted on non-vertically aligned masts. Weight load is rated max 10kgs (20 lbs), which makes EasyBracket perfect solution for compact wireless devices, access points, cameras, and various appliances.


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