Cyberbajt PAN 5-19MIMO 3x3 (set of 2 antennas)

Fabricant : Cyberbajt
Modèle : PAN 5-19MIMO 3x3
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About Product:


PAN 5-19 MIMO 3x3 antenna is the innovative solution of the 3x3 antenna, which works properly. The antenna operates at the wide frequency range of 4,9 – 6,0 GHz with 19 dBi of gain, works at three polarizations (triple polarity antenna). Its “Precise” type mounting system is made of acid resistant steel which guarantees the long-life of the equipment and the full functionality during long time. The system is integrated with a pouch allowing to install the electronic equipment inside (eg. RouterBoard 800 which we use in our complete transmission systems or x86 boards (ITX standard compatible)). PAN 5-19 MIMO 3x3 antenna is our response to ISP market demand for high-throughput wireless links. The result of work of our specialists is a product optimally utilizing 3T3R MIMO technology. There is a possibility to extend functionality by installing additional mPCI wireless interfaces. The enclosure allows also for installation of additional external antenna connectors.

802.11n MIMO 3x3 technology can achieve the transmission up to 450Mbps(MCS23) in the radio-layer by utilizing several of transmission paths. Multiple signals are properly adjusted by a radio chip to maximize the signal strength, providing faster transmission and increasing the network range. The radio chip moves reflected signals on a time scale, restoring the original signal. The bigger number of the transmission channels allows for stable connections even in noisy urban environments.

The PAN 5-19 MIMO 3x3 full system is designed for creating efficient wireless bridges working at the frequency range from 4.9 to 6.1 GHz. In order to maximize transmission speed it uses the latest Atheros AR9380 modules with RouterOS v5.x.


Product Details:


antenna type triple polarity panel
frequency range 4,9 - 6,0 GHz
gain 19 dBi (min) 5,25-5,875 GHz 17.5dBi (min) 4,9-5,25 GHz; 5,875 - 6,0 GHz dBi
polarization triple polarity, 2 x slant + one vertical
vertical beam width 18 °
horizontal beam width 18 °
VSWR 1,5:1 (typ) 1,9 : 1 (max)
input impedance 50 Ohm
back ratio N/A dB
connector 3 x SMA
wind load 75 m/s
mounting mast mounting 26 - 72 mm
set content antenna, mounting system, manual
package cardboard box
warranty 36 months

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