Teracom TCW180

Fabricant : Teracom
Modèle : TCW180
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Disponibilité : 1
Prix : 96,93 CHF
H.T : 90,00 CHF

Short Description

   TCW180 is 8-channel Ethernet relay board, which is designed to work in IP-based networks. The device can be used as stand-alone device - in this case it can be managed by browser or SNMP program. The controller can also be a part of large control and monitoring systems, managed by SNMP program. All eight relays of device can be activated independantly or similtaneously from WEB interface. Changes on digital input can manage e-mail sending.
   The big number of relay outputs makes TCW180 ideal choice for multi channel managment in various fields such as remote control, industrial automation, home automation etc.


  • 10 Mbit Ethernet connectivity;
  • Password protected web based configuration and control;
  • 1 digital input with "logic level" and "dry contact" modes;
  • 8 relay outputs with NO and NC contacts;
  • SNMP v.1, SMTP, VLAN support;
  • Sending SNMP Traps messages under certain conditions;
  • Sending E-mail messages under certain conditions;
  • SMTP with authorization (SSL is not supported);
  • MAC Address filtering;
  • Remote FTP firmware update.

Typical applications

    The device's I/O interface - 8 relay outputs, digital input and the big numbers of setup combinations make the controller suitable for solving problems in various fields such as:

  • Remote control of electric devices;
  • Home and office alarm systems;
  • Industrial process automation;
  • Control and management of large networks.

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