WiBOX PA 5-23

Fabricant : Wireless Instruments
Modèle : WI-PA-5-23
Points de fidelité : 0
Disponibilité : 4
Prix : 120,62 CHF
H.T : 112,00 CHF
WiBOX PA5-23
Installation space: 34cm x 34cm x 5cm

WiBOX PA 5-23 is a planar antenna operating at the wide frequency range of 5,1 – 5,85 GHz with 23 dBi gain. It is desired for Point-to-Point connections, bridge connections and Point-to-Multipoint connections as a client antenna where the high-gained antennas are required. The reduced side-lobes level makes a gain more focused into the front direction than the standard antennas. The antenna is integrated with the top quality WiBOX Large box system (the installation space is 38 x 38cm x 5 cm). The box has IP67 waterproof level, there is enough room to install almost every of the most popular radio equipment. WiBOX Large provides with the possibility to integrate the antenna system with other systems, using the additional connector holes located at the bottom of the WiBOX. The waterproof RJ45 connector allows for the PoE standard utilization without a stressful crimping of the RJ45 connector on the installation location (e.g. on the roof or a high mast). The collar around the connectors guarantees the connectors won’t get wet. The WiBOX Large is made from the durable plastic material resistant against the UV radiation and bad weather conditions.The special reinforced WiMount bracket, made from fiberglass ensures the stability even in case of the strong wind. WiBOX PA 5-23 can work at the vertical or horizontal polarization. It comes with SMA connector.

link: http://www.wireless-instruments.com/en/produkty/17/10/antennas-5ghz/single-polarity/directional/wibox-pa5-23.html


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