Cyberbajt OD 56-13HV BOX

Fabricant : Cyberbajt
Modèle : OD 56-13HV BOX
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Disponibilité : 2
Prix : 236,94 CHF
H.T : 220,00 CHF

Professional dual polarity omnidirectional antenna, designed for 5 GHz base stations, working with the 2x2 MIMO technology.

It has great performances and modern and solid construction.

The antenna system utilizes two linear opposite slotted arrays with H polarization and two opposite feed elements with V polarization located above inactive side walls of the H polarity antenna.

Special distances between several feed elements matched during the designing process and modeling, allow for omnidirectional space cover in the azimuth plane, with big separation level between both polarizations. Due to use a professional power microwave divider to connect V polarity feed elements, it’s obtained fully simetric signal feeding, without loses of unwanted signal reflections.

Antenna feeders are installed inside a cover of durable and low-attenuated material. It protects the antenna against bad weather conditions and guarantees durability and stability of the performances during life-time.

The antenna is integrated with a holder made of acid resistant steel. Attached u-bolts enable for the installation at the mast with diameters 26-53mm. The installation is possible also with usage of steel clamp hoops (not added to the antenna set).

warranty 36 months
antenna type
frequency range
5,47 - 5,80 GHz
13 dBi
dual, horizontal & vertical
vertical beam width
8 °
horizontal beam width
360 °
input impedance
50 Ohm
back ratio
N/A dB
2 x N/Female
wind load
110 m/s
mast mouting system 26 - 53 mm
set content
antenna, mounting system, manual
620 x fi 75 mm
1400 g
cardboard box

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