Interline :: INT-HOR-12/5X-V omnidirectional 12dBi

Modèle : INT-HOR-12-5X-V
Points de fidelité : 0
Disponibilité : 1
Prix : 88,31 CHF
H.T : 82,00 CHF


Base station omnidirectional antenna#

Modern omnidirectional HORIZON series antennas are a perfect solution for an areas, where number of subscriber units are exceptionally high. These days, when band utilization growing very fast, the proper coverage is a key to success. So when you want your service stable - HORIZON series antennas mean irreplaceable solution.

Key Features#

  • Modular design assures constant mechanical and electrical parameters
  • Patch matrix guarantee reliable performance in all weather conditions
  • Highest quality teflon laminate has been used as radiating element base to achieve perfect impedance match and rising overal antenna performance

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