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MIKROTIK Groove 5Hn +Level 3 (32MB RAM, N-male) 5GHz 802.11a/n
  The Groove is ou..
98,01 CHF
H.T : 91,00 CHF
Mikrotik ACMMCX
MMCX-Nfemale pigtail cable for adding external antennas Fits R52nM, R52Hn and R5SHPn Ri..
8,62 CHF
H.T : 8,00 CHF
Mikrotik Routerboard SXT-5HPnD
SXT 5HPnD SXT 5HPnD is a low cost, high transmit power 5GHz outdoor wireless device. Up to 1...
134,63 CHF
H.T : 125,00 CHF
External Router 4G/LTE based on MikroTik product
Assembled router with Sierra LTE modem - for outside installation: MikroTik RB411U ATHEROS 30..
428,65 CHF
H.T : 398,00 CHF
RBwAP2nD - MikroTik wAP 2.4GHz 2dBi Weatherproof Wireless Access Point The RBwAP2nD is a smal..
73,24 CHF
H.T : 68,00 CHF
MikroTik CCR1009-8G-1S-PC
CCR1009-8G-1S CCR1009-8G-1S-PC Our popular 9-core Cloud Core Router is now available in a n..
484,65 CHF
H.T : 450,00 CHF
RB450 case (CA/150)
Indoor case CA/150 for RouterBoard 450/450G ..
21,54 CHF
H.T : 20,00 CHF
Mikrotik Routerboard Groove 2Hn
The Groove is our smallest outdoor series model - a fully featured RouterBOARD powered by RouterO..
98,01 CHF
H.T : 91,00 CHF
Mikrotik Routerboard RB260GS - switch
RB260GS The RB260GS is a small SOHO switch. It has five Gigabit Ethernet ports and one ..
59,24 CHF
H.T : 55,00 CHF
MikroTik 2.4ghz dipole antenna - RPSMA - 5DB
2.4Ghz Dipole Now we offer 2.4Ghz 5dBi Dipole antennas with RPSMA connectors! Take BaseBo..
12,92 CHF
H.T : 12,00 CHF
MIKROTIK RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition
RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition  - This device provides best performance 1U rackmount Giga..
516,96 CHF
H.T : 480,00 CHF
MIKROTIK RouterBOARD RB435G +Level 5 (256MB RAM, 3xLAN, 5xMiniPCI)
RouterBoard RB/435G it's embedded board, with five miniPCI slots and three Gigabit Ethernet ports..
210,02 CHF
H.T : 195,00 CHF
Mikrotik RB951-2n
The RB951-2n is the home wireless AP you have been waiting for. It has five Ethernet ports and a ..
72,16 CHF 42,00 CHF
H.T : 39,00 CHF
Mikrotik Routerboard Groove 52HPn
Our smallest outdoor series model - a fully featured wireless RouterBOARD powered by RouterOS. We..
98,01 CHF
H.T : 91,00 CHF
External Router 4G/LTE - Assembled (only LTE - no 3g - gsm)
Assembled router with D15G2 LTE modem - for outside installation: MikroTik RB912G ATHEROS 400..
344,64 CHF
H.T : 320,00 CHF
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