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Assembled external AP in RF Elements Case StationBox Mikro 2.4ghz with power supply. Parts: ..
177,71 CHF
H.T : 165,00 CHF
quickMOUNT The quickMOUNT is a basic wall mount adapter for small point to point and se..
6,46 CHF
H.T : 6,00 CHF
RB750UP is a small five port ethernet router in a nice plastic case, the UP model includes a USB ..
88,31 CHF
H.T : 82,00 CHF
RB260GSP The RB260GSP is a small SOHO switch, which features power output on it's ether..
78,62 CHF
H.T : 73,00 CHF
The Light Head Grid (LHG) is a compact and light wireless device with an integrated 24.5 dBi grid..
91,55 CHF
H.T : 85,00 CHF
SXT 5HPnD SXT 5HPnD is a low cost, high transmit power 5GHz outdoor wireless device. Up to 1...
134,63 CHF
H.T : 125,00 CHF
RB2011UIAS-2HnD-IN RouterBOARD 2011UIAS-2HnD has most features and interfaces from all ..
179,86 CHF
H.T : 167,00 CHF
The MikroTik Cloud Router Switch 305 (CRS305) is a sleek, compact, silent running f..
188,48 CHF
H.T : 175,00 CHF
StationBox® InSpot is indoor enclosure designed for building of wireless hotspots. StationB..
39,85 CHF
H.T : 37,00 CHF
quickMOUNT PRO The quickMOUNT pro is a advanced wall mount adapter for small point to point a..
11,85 CHF
H.T : 11,00 CHF
The Groove is our smallest outdoor series model - a fully featured RouterBOARD powered by RouterO..
98,01 CHF
H.T : 91,00 CHF
CRS226-24G-2S+-IN Cloud Router Switch is our new Smart Switch series. It is a fully functiona..
417,88 CHF
H.T : 388,00 CHF
CCR1009-8G-1S CCR1009-8G-1S-PC Our popular 9-core Cloud Core Router is now available in a n..
484,65 CHF
H.T : 450,00 CHF
RouterBOARD 2011UAS, in comparison with RB2011L series, not only ha..
188,48 CHF 166,94 CHF
H.T : 155,00 CHF
RouterBoard RB941-2ND is the Access Point lite (hAP lite) branded by Mikrotik. Device has been bu..
42,00 CHF
H.T : 39,00 CHF
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