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RB2011LS-IN RB2011LS is our first product with SFP cage for gigabit SFP transceivers an..
151,86 CHF
H.T : 141,00 CHF
Assembled AP in RF Elements Case StationBox Mikro 5ghz with power supply. Can be used inside ..
204,63 CHF 196,01 CHF
H.T : 182,00 CHF
The hAP ac lite is a Dual-concurrent Access Point, that provides Wifi coverage for 2.4GHz and 5GH..
72,16 CHF
H.T : 67,00 CHF
SXT Lite5 Our best price/performance 5Ghz CPE. The SXT Lite5 (product code RBSXT5nDr2),..
102,32 CHF
H.T : 95,00 CHF
RB750P-PB is an outdoor five port ethernet router with PoE output on four ports. The device has a..
106,62 CHF
H.T : 99,00 CHF
This device is our best performance 1U rackmount Gigabit Ethernet router- With a dual core CPU, i..
557,89 CHF
H.T : 518,00 CHF
Cloud Router Switch is our new Smart Switch series. It is a fully functional Layer 3 switch, and ..
259,56 CHF
H.T : 241,00 CHF
The mANTBox is based on our new mANT sector antennas, but also has a wireless router built right ..
183,09 CHF
H.T : 170,00 CHF
RB2011UAS-2HnD-IN RouterBOARD 2011UAS-2HnD has most features and interfaces from all ou..
166,94 CHF
H.T : 155,00 CHF
cAP 2n RouterBOARD cAP-2n (ceiling Access Point) is our first 2.4GHz ceiling AP. Inconspicuou..
75,39 CHF
H.T : 70,00 CHF
RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition  - This device provides best performance 1U rackmount Giga..
516,96 CHF
H.T : 480,00 CHF
Routerboard RB450G + black metal case + powersupply 24v-0.8a RouterBoard - Mik..
183,09 CHF
H.T : 170,00 CHF
The RB750r2 (hEX lite) is a small five port ethernet router in a nice plastic case. Its pric..
70,01 CHF
H.T : 65,00 CHF
The RB751U-2HnD is the wireless SOHO AP you have been waiting for. It has five Ethernet port..
88,31 CHF
H.T : 82,00 CHF
CCR1016 is an industrial grade router with a cutting edge 16 core Tilera CPU. If you need many mi..
861,60 CHF
H.T : 800,00 CHF
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